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Beginner/Returners YOGA COURSE

HATHA BASICS 2 "Building the 12 key practice" 

A 6 weeks course for beginners & returners
"building the 12 key practice"

Would you like to improve upon the simpler standing postures & sun salutations

Have you had a yoga practice in the past, and are looking to start again, refresh your practice  

Does getting back to fitness after a lapse or a few setbacks interest you?  


Perhaps you want a yoga class to be supportive, fun and delivered in a warm, welcoming environment.  Not only do you want to commit to a weekly practice, actually, you want the details and instruction that will enable you to really improve your practice.

If you're interested to experience how yoga can bring you more body awareness, build a balance of strength and flexibility, and a way to find calmness...


Next Course starts Thursday 22 Feb 2024



next step for beginners wanting to continue building a safe, confident yoga practice















How to purchase
  • Click "Booking" Button,  follow instructions (you will be directed to a new page)

  • If it's your first booking with Yoga Worcester Park you'll be asked to "Register" first  (you register just once, it takes only a minute or 2) 

For anyone wanting a progressive, informative yoga course with step by step instruction in a friendly, supportive, small group environment.

Expand your knowledge & practice of the variations of the 12 key postures


Continue improving alignment, core awareness & stability.

  • Learn modifications suited to your body for developing strength and flexibility

  • Explore balances, forward & backbends, and even the preparations for inversions such as shoulder stand

  • Practice breathing exercises to increase your energy, focus & mental clarity

  • Release tensions, promote peacefulness, following relaxation techniques for body, mind and spirit.  


Feelings of calm and well-being can already be experienced after the very first class.  


Designed to recharge your energy, rejuvenate the body & mind and leave you feeling inspired, refreshed and peaceful!

This is the perfect continuation and a natural follow up to the 6 weeks Beginners Course.  Ideal for those getting back into their practice after a lapse or simply wanting to revisit and "brush up on the basics", and anyone who really wants to get the best out of every yoga class.  Many people choose to do this course again & again.

A progressive course of 6 x weekly sessions

After the course, you will be offered advice on suitable "follow up" classes to continue your practice, or next steps appropriate to you.

Hatha Yoga Basics (2) "Building the 12 key practice"

Next Course:  Thursday 22 February 2024

Time:  Thursdays 6pm

Teacher:  Tanya

Location:  Shala Worcester Park,  KT4 8AU 

Price:  £79.80

bookings not yet open

A few typical questions: 

What do I need to know before the session?

Arrive a few minutes early to rest & prepare yourself for the class.  Allow rest after the class to allow the body to absorb the changes.

What equipment do I need to bring?

Helpful to bring a sticky yoga mat, if you have one.  Bring a small clean hand towel, particularly if you experience neck aches & pain.  A water bottle if you are the thirsty type.  Large scarf or small blanket for the relaxation section.

What do I wear?

Wear clean, comfortable exercise attire, that allows for stretching, bending, support & movement.  No shoes are worn for the practice of yoga.  Changing facilities are available.

What about my concerns?  

I have injuries...

In most cases I will be able to adapt a pose or give an alternative if needed.  If you feel your injury or fitness level is a real concern, consider choosing one:one sessions to get you started, or contact me via email

I'm unfit, I'm not very flexible...

You would be surprised how many people say this!  You do not have to be fit or flexible to start yoga.  Infact starting a Yoga practice will improve both of these!

I feel anxious about starting yoga...

One of the nice things about Yoga Basics Courses is that you will find you are absolutely not the only one that might feel this way.  The teacher of course will be experienced in teaching beginners and will alway aim to create a sage, welcoming and friendly environment, so that everyone can feel at home and gain confidence in their practice.

How do I book?

Register with the online booking schedule (instructions are on this page, in the blue box above).

Hatha Yoga Improvers Course is made up of 6 progressive weekly sessions.  Payment is made in advance by cash or online transfer, cheques are also accepted, when received no less than 1 week in advance.  Single sessions are not available for this course, discounts cannot be offered for missed sessions.  Payments are non refundable and non transferable.  Bookings may not be held without payment.  Early booking prices are valid for bookings confirmed with full payment, in advance, by the date stated.

 Full terms & conditions

Yoga accreditations include:   

200hr Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training with Claire Missingham,  Teen Yoga & Mindfulness Training with Charlotta Martinus, TeenYoga UK, 60 hour Roncametrics Teacher Training with Gill Roncarelli, Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training with Sivananda Yoga Centre

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