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My story

...continuously seeking the fabulous flow

Once upon a time I was a swimming and lifesaving instructor, an aerobics, fitness & circuit trainer.  I trained, toured and taught as a professional dancer, for almost 2 decades.  I went to yoga as a young dancer, looking to improve flexibility.  I came out with newly found strength, stability and a surprise bonus.  Tiny, residual, magical moments, of mental clarity and inner peace.  I began to learn how to relax, and the insomniac child-adult I was, finally began to sleep.  

My deep soul-felt connection to 'something else' via the path of yoga was found! 

During the sessions I prepare you with clear, precise, strong foundations.  Encourage you to ‘work with what you've got’.  Guide you to feel your way into safe movement, safe postures, find expansion, space, and a little more physical freedom in your body, peace in your heart and mind.  You will be challenged, definitely.  You'll also get to rest, recover, laugh and smile.  Mostly I want you to feel great about yourself, find your fabulous flow!

I use my experiential understanding of biomechanics, and movement reading skills to bring out your best.  Giving examples to imagine, corrections that work and the confidence to fall or fly.

Alongside formal trainings, my continuing professional development, includes, quite literally, thousands of hours of training and countless workshops with masters of movement, yoga, dance and healing.  Some of the absolute finest in their fields, including teachers who have devoted their lives to healing and movement modalities.  Therapies such as Shiatsu, holistic and somatic movement therapies including Feldenkrais, Franklin Method, Releasing Techniques, Pilates and Postural alignment Professional Development.

The yoga classes I teach are generally Breath-led, alignment-based flowing, a kind of moving meditation, linking movement/poses with breath.  I've learned and practiced Iyengar, Dynamic, Vinyasa Flow and Sivananda Yoga methods.  Drawing inspiration from my personal practice and the teachings I receive, deeply and continuously informs my teaching.


I warmly invite you to start or rejoin your yoga journey with me, at Yoga Worcester Park!

xx tanya

Yoga accreditations include:   

200hr Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training with Claire Missingham,  Teen Yoga & Mindfulness Training with Charlotta Martinus, TeenYoga UK, 60 hour Roncametrics Teacher Training with Gill Roncarelli

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