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Pregnancy yoga classes

Empowering you to listen to your changing body, guiding you to feel healthy, strong & supple as your pregnancy progresses.

Intimate, small group, IN*STUDIO classes for women who are ready to connect & glow!


Practicing simple, yet strengthening yoga postures, calming, centering breath work, guided meditations or deep relaxations.

Classes are "generally" suitable from 12 weeks to birth & from 6 weeks postpartum

Although there really is no "typical" or "general".  Each woman and each pregnancy is unique, check-in with your GP/midwife prior to starting.


You will be warmly welcomed!

Next Pregnancy💞 series:  starts Sunday 02 June 2024



Adapted for you and your growing baby

Prenatal from 12 weeks

Postnatal from 6 weeks with Dr or midwife check

 a series of 6 weekly sessions £79.80

Spring/Summer 🌷 1: Sun 14 Apr - 19 May 2024 [6 wks]

** no class half term 26 May

Spring/Summer 🌷 2: Sun 02 Jun - 07 Jul 2024 [6 wks]

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